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"Some Kinda Itch"
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"Sweet Spot"
Solo pianny piece on the Russ Tolman album of the same name

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The Lopez Beatles
tons of tunes available here
The House on the Cliff
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The Romans
All of "Last Days at the Ranch" (and more) is here.
Kingsize Maybe
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Live recordings

with John Wesley Harding


1991 American tour
JWH (vocal and guitar), Robert Lloyd (piano, accordion), Robert Mache (guitar and harmony), Mark Walton (acoustic bass guitar), Kevin Jarvis (the drums)

Buffalo State College: "Gates of Eden" in the cold
Boston, Paradise: "The Passenger" with IGGY POP.
Tipitinas, New Orleans, 5-13-91: "Kill the Messenger," "If You Have Ghosts"
S.F., Union Square, 5-27-91:
"Do You Believe in Magic?"
Los Angeles, Roxy Theater, 6-02-91: "The Devil in Me"
Los Angeles, Roxy Theater, 6-03-91: "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues," "Wiggle Wiggle," "Cathy's New Clown"

2001 American tour (w/ David Lewis)
Berkeley, Freight & Salvage, 12-10-01: "Every Sunrise"
San Francisco, Bimbo's (with Radical Gentlemen -1, +1), 12-09-01: "Temptation Inside Your Heart"

2000 American tour (Radical Gentlemen)
JWH (vocal and guitar), Kirk Swan (guitar), Chris von Sneidern (bass), Robert Lloyd (keyboards), Kevin Jarvis (drums)
Rehearsal studio, North Hollywood: "The Revealing Science of God"
Santa Ana, Galaxy Theater, 12-13-00:  "Signed Curtain"

KCRW, 6-10-91: "Bruised Orange," "Johnny Strikes Up the Band," "I Apologize"
JWH (vocal and guitar), Robert Lloyd (piano, accordion), Robert Mache (guitar and harmony), Mark Walton (acoustic bass guitar), Kevin Jarvis (the drums)

KCRW, 2-19-96: "Still Photo"
JWH (vocal and guitar), Robert Lloyd (mandolin), the radio (static)

Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, 2-14-94 (w/Joan Baez): "Sweet Sir Galahad"
Joan Baez (vocal and guitar), JWH (vocal, guitar) Robert Lloyd (mandolin); "The Movie of Your Life" (JWH, vocal and guitar; RL, piano)

McCabe's, Santa Monica, 11-28-97: "Hitler's Tears"
JWH (vocal and guitar), Robert Lloyd (guitar)

Folk Scene, KPFK, sometime in 1999: "The Murder of Maria Martin"
JWH (vocal and guitar), Robert Lloyd (mandolin)

Schuba's, Chicago, 5-14-99: "Space Oddity"
JWH (vocal and guitar), Robert Lloyd (accordion), Dag Juhlin (guitar)

The Bottom Line, New York, 1994: "Close to You"
JWH (vocal and guitar), Robert Lloyd (guitar), The Shams (Amy Riby, Amanda Uprichard, Sue Garner)(vocals)

with The Minus 5 with Russ Tolman
Seattle, 9-2-00: "Albuquerque"
Scott McCaughey (vocal and guitar), Peter Buck (bass), Chris Eckman (vocal and guitar, possibly), Robert Lloyd (piano)
Bogart's, Long Beach, 11-11-89: "Domino"
Russ Tolman (vocal and guitar), Jon Klages (guitar, bg vocal), Robert Lloyd (organ), probably Dave Provost (bass), Dave Drewry (drums)

with Victoria Williams with Deanna Varagona
KCRW, 4-7-93: "Frying Pan," "Waterfall," "I Belong to the Band," "Why Look at the Moon," "Crazy Mary"
Victoria Williams (vocal and guitar), Tammy Rogers (violin), Joey Burns (bass), Willie Aron (electric guitar), Robert Lloyd (piano, mandolin), Don Heffington (drums)

Fez, New York City, 5-2-93: "Crazy Mary"
Victoria Williams (vocal and guitar), Tammy Rogers (violin, singing), Joey Burns (bass, singing), Stephen McCarthy (banjo), Robert Lloyd (organ), Don Heffington (drums)

"Hesitation" (unreleased studio track, 2000)
Deanna Varagona (vocal and guitar), Jimmy Earley (harmony vocal and drums), Joe Ferguson (bass), Robert Lloyd (piano)

with Carlene Carter
"Cry," "Bandit of Love," "Baby Ride Easy," "Appalachian Eyes," "The Sweetest Thing," "Foggy Mountain Top," Nashville rehearsal room summer 1992.
Carlene Carter (vocal and guitar), Will Ray (lead guitar and vocal), Mark Walton (bass), Carlo Nuccio (drums), Robert Lloyd (piano, accordion, mandolin)

with Chris Stamey with Syd Straw
KCRW, 6-9-93: "Something Came Over Me"
Chris Stamey (vocal and guitar), Brent Lambert (guitar), Syd Straw (voice and egg), Robert Lloyd (piano)
KCRW, 5-93: "Abandoned"
Syd Straw (vocal, guitar), Rick Shea (guitar), Robert Lloyd (accordion), Duke McVinnie (bass), Will Rigby (drums)

McCabe's, 7-9-93: "Makes No Sense at All," "Dancing Days," "In the Middle of It All," "Madrid"
Syd Straw (vocal, guitar), Rick Shea (guitar), Robert Lloyd (accordion, lap steel guitar, mandolin), Duke McVinnie (bass), Alan Bezozi (drums)

Improvising to films by Pat O'Neill
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 10-25-96
"Two Sweeps"
"Let's Make a Sandwich"
Nels Cline (guitar), Dennis Keeley (percussion), Kurt Festinger (reeds), Michelle Crehan (voice), Robert Lloyd (piano)

with Steve Wynn


Bebop Records, 3-1-88: Blind Willie McTell
(Steve Wynn, vocals, guitar; Paul B. Cutler, nylon string guitar; Mark Walton, guitar; Robert Lloyd, mandola; Chris Cacavas, accordion); The Groom's Still Waiting at the Altar (adds Julie Christensen, vocals; John Steel, harmonica)

KCRW, 6-1-90
: The Groom's Still Waiting at the Altar, Help Me Make It Through the Night, Something to Remember Me By, Summer Wine
(Steve Wynn, vocals, guitar; Julie Christensen, vocals; Robert Mache, guitar; Robert Lloyd, organ, piano; Mark Walton, bass; Kevin Jarvis, drums)

1990 American tour
Milwaukee, Shank Hall, 6-26-90: "Kerosene Man" 

1990 European tour
Meolo, 9-29-90: "It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry"
Oslo, 10-22-90: "Kerosene Man"(Cornpone style) Robert Lloyd, lead vocals and mandolin, everyone else, harmony vocals. Opening the Magic Box show (see below).
Oslo, 10-22-90: Beach Club Magic Box show
Paris, 10-24-90: "The Medicine Show"
Paris, 10-24-90: "Tell Me When It's Over"
Burgos, 10-31-90: "Boy in the Bubble"
Rome, 11-08-90: "Now I Ride Alone"
Deventer, 11-18-90: "Fuckin' Up"
London, 11-19-90: "Baby We All Gotta Go Down" (w/ Dan Stuart)

1992 American tour
Boston, 06-25-92: "Games People Play"
Long Beach, 07-16-92: "Top of the Hill"
Long Beach, 07-16-92: "Motorcycle Boy"
Long Beach, 07-16-92: "Brown-Eyed Girl"

1992 European tour
Arhus, 10-24-92: "Walkin' the Dog"
Somewhere in Scandinavia: "The Blue Drifter"

Alligator Lounge 6-28-97: "Some Kinda Itch"
(Steve Wynn, vocals, guitar; Robert Lloyd, lead guitar; Rick Arbuckle, flute; Doug Freeman, bass; Dennis Duck, drums)

Knitting Factory, 3-31-04: "California Style,"
"Hollywood," "Amphetamine"
(Steve Wynn, vocals, guitar; Robert Lloyd, mandolin)

Cinema Bar 12-29-04: "What Comes After,"
"Look Both Ways"

(Steve Wynn, vocals, acoustic guitar; Duane Jarvis, acoustic guitar played sometimes like a bass; Kirk Swan, electric guitar; Robert Lloyd, keyboards; Kevin Jarvis, drums)

Molly Malone's 7-27-05: "Positively 4th Street," "There Will Come a Day," "Amphetamine"
(Steve Wynn, vocals, guitar; Kirk Swan, lead guitar; Robert Lloyd, organ; Duane Jarvis, bass; Linda Pitmon, drums)

Bell Canyon 7-11-09: "Candy-O," "Down by the River"
(Steve Wynn, vocals, guitar; Jason Victor, guitar; Elliot Easton, guitar; Robert Lloyd, organ; Dave DeCastro, bass; Linda Pitmon, drums.

"Oh Merci" Bob Dylan tribute
KCRW, Santa Monica, July 4, 1993, hosted by Wesley Stace and Paul Williams.
House band: Robert Lloyd, piano, organ, mandolin, accordion; Doug Freeman, guitar; Steve Wagner, bass; Steve Mugalian, drums.

Wesley Stace as John Wesley Harding: "Dear Landlord"
Paul Kelly: "I Threw It All Away"
Rosie Flores: "Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You"
Steve Wynn: "Watching the River Flow"
Russ Tolman: "Pledging My Time"
Cindy Lee Berryhill: "I Don't Believe You"
George Gerdes: "Girl From the North Country"
Wes, George and Rosie: "Tears of Rage"

Rehearsing "Pledging My Time" (sans Russ, at my house)

With Robert Fisher
Kirk Swan's house 2004
"I Still Miss Someone"
Robert Fisher, vocals; Robert Lloyd, pump organ; Kirk Swan, guitar and recording.
With Jeff Rankin and Dennis Keeley
Dennis's house 1980
"Excerpt 1"
Jeff, Dennis and Robert, various things
With the Nels Cline Trio and John Fumo
Alligator Lounge, July 26, 1993
"Film Music Medley (excerpt)"
Nels Cline, guitar; Michael Preussner, drums; Bob Mair or Mark London Sims, bass; John Fumo, trumpet; Robert Lloyd, organ accordion
With The Drugs Are Bad
Cal Arts, 1976
"Take the Train to New York City"/"Close Encounters" theme
Mostly not sure who's playing, but Randy Akerson, Dennis Keeley, George Lockwood and I are in there.


Cindy Lee Berryhill: "American Cinematography" (piano)
The Baseball Project: "1976" (organ)
Neko Case: "Dreaming Man" (accordion)

Kelly Hogan: "Papa Was a Rodeo" (piano)
John Wesley Harding (later Wesley Stace): "Someday Son" (piano)
Syd Straw and Evan Dando: "For Shame of Doing Wrong" (organ)
Five Blind Boys: "Dimming of the Day" (organ)
Giant Sand: "Sucker in a Cage" (accordion)
Chris Cacavas and Junkyard Love: "Drivin' Misery" (mandolin)
Kristian Hoffman: "New Old Flame" (mandolin, accordion)
Abby Travis: "Of Eyes Remain" (mandolin)
Thin White Rope: "Outlaw Blues" (piano)

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