The Last Days at the Ranch
Click track to hear (all songs by M. Uhlenkott unless otherwise noted):
Side one: In My Hometown * You're Coming with Me * Ten Cent Wager * Loser (Uhlenkott/Gomez) *
Robert's Lament (Lloyd) * Greed, Hate and Drinking (Uhlenkott/Alison Anders)
Side two:  Vicki Seventy (Uhlenkott/Gomez) * Open Wide * Rest in Peace * Last Days (Uhlenkott/Gomez) *
Sarah Gets a Haircut (Lloyd) * Roll Them Down Closed

The Romans
Michael Uhlenkott:
vocals, bass, acoustic guitar
Juan Gomez: electric and acoustic mostly rhythm guitar, bass, backing vocals
Robert Lloyd: electric and acoustic mostly lead guitar, mandolin, bass, piano, whistle, backing vocals
Keith Mitchell: drums, backing vocals
Chris Cacavas: piano, electric piano and organ
The Oh! Sisters (Regina and Theresa O'Donoghue), backing vocals/Kevin Keane, banjo/Ellen Guon, fiddle/Steve Wynn, backing vocals

Produced by Steve Wynn
Engineered by Rick Novak & Paul B. Cutler
Mixed by Paul B. Cutler
Spring 1986 at Control Center Studio, Los Angeles.
Released August 8, 1986 (Down There/Restless).

Before and After The Last Days at the Ranch

All About You
2) A Wretched Son of Satan
3) Your Chance
4) The Good Fight
5) Mi Despedida
6) Dead Wood
7) Rebels
8) Walkin' in Belgium
9) The Hungerstrike
10) Fly Off the Line
11) Jet Airliner
12) Just By Chance
13) A Wretched Son of Satan (live)
14) Just By Chance (live)
15) Vicki Seventy (no overdubs)
16) Last Days (no overdubs)

1. Outtake from "The Last Days at the Ranch." Backing vocals by Alison and Luanna Anders. 2-4. Unreleased single. (Tracks 2-3 appear on the German edition of "You Only Live Once.") Recorded by Rick Novak at Control Center. 5-6 & 9. Produced by Bill Noland at Harbor College. (Chris Cacavas, piano on 6; Pat Delaney, pennywhistle on 9). 7-8. Home demos, Canoga Park. 10-11. Bill Noland home studio. (Bill Noland, programming, synthetic accordion; Laura Kass, fiddle on 11.) 12. From "Only 39,999,999 Behind 'Thriller'" (Down There compilation album, 1988). Chris Cacavas, organ. 13.-14. Live at the Long Beach Museum of Art, September 1987. With Keith on lead vocals and acoustic guitar.

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